IQ Glossary

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Factor Analysis
Factor analysis is a statistical technique that originated in psychometrics. It is used in the social sciences and in marketing, product management, operations research, and other applied sciences that deal with large quantities of data. The objective is to explain the most of the variability among a number of observable random variables in terms of a smaller number of unobservable random variables called factors. The observable random variables are modeled as linear combinations of the factors, plus "error" terms.

A fetish (from French f?tiche; from Portuguese feiti?o; from Latin facticius, "to make") is a natural object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular an object created by people that has power over people

Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence
In psychometrics, fluid and crystallized intelligence (abbreviated gf and gc respectively) are factors of intelligence test scores originally described by Raymond Cattell. Crystallized intelligence is usually described as being dependent on learning, while fluid intelligence is independent of past experience.