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Measuring Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, or to deal with new or trying situations. Including the skilled use of reason.

IQ Distribution Graph

IQ Distribution Graph

IQ Scores are connected to the IQ Distribution Curve of test takers, in which the middle section of the curve are test takers who do moderately well. The sloping sides of the curve represent those who do better or worse than average. And the edges of the curve are those with a very high or very low score.

IQ Name
145 Highly Gifted
130 Gifted
115 Superior
90-110 Average
85 Below Average

IQ Score Classification

IQ classification labels provide a reference to the descriptive category of the test taker's scoring percentile.

Measuring Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an essential component of a person's overall intelligence.

Our comprehensive Emotional IQ Test measures over 30 dimensions, including Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Imagination, Artistic Interests, and Adventurousness.

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